Want to install Norton in PC or other device?

It is a great responsibility to keep your device free from virus, spyware, adware, malware and other threats. It is quite crucial and drags you to a state of dilemma which antivirus to choose for your device. Among several antiviruses, Norton is always recommended which is widely used on a large scale to protect your devices from a wide range of security threats. Also, Norton Antivirus have timeless services that have attracted millions of worldwide users. Furthermore, One Norton product can be used up to three devices. In order to utilize the services of Norton antivirus, it is necessary to download it with required steps. Product key and serial number are the major components which enable you to download it on several devices.

Following are the steps to install Norton product on multiple devices:

1. To begin the installation, open any of the Web browsers and browse Norton official page.
2. Sign in using Norton and select Norton Product with the product key and serial number.
3. Save the information.
4. Click on Download.
5. Click on “Save File”.
6. Installation process will be completed after clicking on several prompts.
7. Type the product key and make your installation process complete.

Given is a simple installation process which you need to perform on where you want the Norton product to be. In case, you want to transfer Norton product from one device to another, follow the given steps:

1. Login to your Norton account.
2. Go to Devices and choose the device you want to remove the Norton product from. Uninstall Norton from the device.
3. Navigate mouse to the ellipse icon at the right-down corner.
4. Choose the Manage license from the menu.
5. Go to the Device name and click on it.
6. Now Remove Norton and click on “What would you like to do”.
7. Click Next to proceed and Yes to remove the Norton product.
8. Click on Install Now on the next page and follow the given instructions:

  • To install Norton in the device you are using, click Download.
  • To install it on another device, click on Send Link.
9. Select “Next” and complete the installation after following the prompts.

In case, you are not able to move your Norton product to another device, it is possible that something is missing during the procedure. Worry not, simply get connected with Norton Customer Service where you will be guided with step by step procedure. Call us now at our toll free helpline number and make your process hassle free.