Want to allow blocked programs in AVG Internet Security?

Have you installed AVG Internet Security and configured its firewall component? Usually, it blocks programs or applications that are considered dangerous. Also, it stops them from accessing the Internet connection. Sometimes, AVG blocks the program and although, it can be a critical situation for some users but they can unblock it by making some change in its security settings.

Following are the guidelines that will let you allow a blocked program in AVG Internet Security instantly:

1.) Click on the ‘AVG’ icon in the system tray and launch the AVG Control Panel. Hit the Firewall icon to show the Firewall screen.
2.) Hit the ‘Change’ button located in the ‘Firewall Mode’ section. It will ensure you that AVG doesn’t block programs further without taking permission.
3.) Select the option ‘Interactive mode’ and click ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’. When the option is selected, it prompts you to let or block new programs.
4.) Click on the ‘Settings’ button and then choose the ‘Applications’ tab. All applications will be displayed that are installed on your computer.
5.) Select the program you want to unblock. Click on the ‘Block’ icon beside the program name in the Action column.
6.) Subsequently, choose the ‘Allow’ option from the menu to unblock the application. Click the ‘Apply’ button to make changes in settings and then ‘OK’ to close the window.

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