Privacy And Policy

Privacy And Policy

Antivirus Help Centre protects all personal data of our customers and does not sell or collect any personal information from our users. Our Antivirus guides are free for use and the users can use the website without having to give any kind of personal details. Only when a user chooses to contact us, on their own free-will, do we require basic contact information to contact them back. We do not call or message our users or initiate any sort of communication from our side.

Whatinformation dowe collectfrom you?

Antivirus Help Centre only collects information from you when you contact us through our chat service. Should you reach out to us with a query or drop us a message, you would be required to fill out your basic contact information so that we can reply to your query. Please note that you don’t need to provide us with any kind of information to browse through our website.

In the event that you try to contact us through our chat service, we shall ask you for the following:

1. Your name. 2. Your email address. 3. Your contact number.

This information shall then be stored in our database and will only be shared with a trusted third-party to provide you with the expert help that you require.

Antivirus Help Centre protects your privacy!

At Antivirus Help Centre, we use SSL (Secure socket layer) feature to protect the personal information of our users. The users are not asked to provide us with any information and only do so of their own accord. We take all measures to protect the privacy of our users.

Why does Antivirus Help Centre collect your information?

Antivirus Help Centre only collects your personal information if you initiate contact with us by dropping us a message through our chat section. This kind of an information is only used to respond to your query to help you find a solution.

If you choose to sign up for our newsletters and alerts, we will then send you notifications about offers that might interest you. However, we would only do so should you choose for us to inform you regularly.

Our users must also note that all our services are cost free and that we don’t call our users to demand any money. If you receive such a call, we urge you to file a report for fraud. We never contact our users without their explicit consent.

Feel free to navigate to our Antivirus guides and don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you have any queries.

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